1995 Kia Sephia LX 1.6


An economical car that is reliable, but certainly not luxurious


The car is very noisy. The noise insulation is clearly insufficient.

The sound system is rather lacking and the tape deck stopped working after the first year.

General Comments:

The acceleration is a bit slow sometimes, but otherwise the car's handling is more than adequate.

The car is not exceedingly comfortable, but front legroom is good.

I've driven it through terrible road conditions in Patagonia where a 4x4 would have been more adequate and the Sephia handled quite well. I was surprised by how well the suspension dealt with the poor road conditions, and how fuel efficient this car is on long stretches.

It is rather underequipped, but is in marvellous condition considering the kilometers on it, and the fact that it has been through a (minor) crash.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2001

3rd Oct 2001, 13:00

I have to agree with you, I purchased my 2000 Kia Sephia in August 2000 and after less than 5 months I needed brakes, and I don't ride my brakes.

The lining around my car windows fell off on the freeway.

I needed a new battery.

My car had oil coming out.

My tires tread came out.

All of this happened in less than 1500 miles, in 5 months.