1983 Mercedes-Benz W123 200 stick shift 2.0 litres


Incredible build quality. Amazingly smooth and accomplished for a 23 year old car. I want another


Had to replace the electronic ignition system - mechanic adapted one from a modern car (cheap fix), but this was acceptable as the car was inexpensive to buy, and was obviously in need of attention.

Ingress of rainwater from holes in the front bulkhead - very annoying, and difficult to find and plug.

Replaced front damper units.

Driver's seat needed re-stuffing as the springs were rather tired.

General Comments:

I bought this car for 2500 dollars - considered cheap in Chile, where vehicles are "overpriced" in comparison to the US/Europe.

Paid around 400 to put things right, and have since used it as a daily driver, plus have been on really long trips across the Andes mountains, Argentinian desert regions, Patagonia and South Chile, up and down the length of Chile (500 miles each way), and the car has been flawless.

It's taken us across deserts and gravel roads, and has even forded small rivers!

This was the (rare) manual transmission model (stick shift), so no worries about aging belt drives in the auto box etc.

This vehicle is Excalibur like - forged from minerals stolen from a sacred mountain, lovingly assembled by greasy overalled elves.

It's not a fast car for overtaking etc, but it will drive for hours at high speed without complaint.

Sadly I had to sell it because I needed a truck for a construction project.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 4th July, 2012