1996 Toyota Carina LEI 2.0


Superb, smooth, elegant and fast car


I just got it and I am making sure to fix minor details such as a clicking noise from the left front wheel.

10 to 12 km per litre (city use, it seems to perform better on the highway) is not as good as the 14 to 17 km per litre you get on a Toyota Tercel, but this is a 2.0 L engine and a more robust car that consumes more fuel.

General Comments:

This was sold as the Corona in Chile and other places, but in the UK is known as the Carina.

This Corona was built in the UK. It is the GLI version with sunroof, dual airbag, electric windows on 4 doors, air conditioning, power steering, automatic transmission with power and snow features plus overdrive (superb when power is required), alarm and electric door locks. Electric mirrors. UV filter or tinted windows. Came with an Alpine radio with option for a CD Jukebox. Adjustable Headlights and steering wheel. Remote trunk and fuel tank release. Excellent interior look.

Excellent car so far, rides smooth. Street noise well isolated.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 28th October, 2005