1997 Fiat Palio EDX 1.3 mpi


Good balanced machine, though wouldn't buy it again


Noise form the trunk cover.

Noise from seat.

Windscreen already scratched.

Irregular performance of the engine, particularly the fuel supply.

Poor head lights.

Poor speaker output.

Noisy break system.

Low top speed. (140kms per hour without forcing the engine)

Instrument panel is very poor.

Unforgivable the lack of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) indicator.

General Comments:

The fuel supply seems to work improperly, since acceleration is irregular sometimes.

The dealer's service center doesn't seems to handle mechanical problems very well.

Poor technical display, though great attitude on attention.

Seats are confortable, but noisy.

I had to install high performance lights since factory headlights are very poor, specially on the highway.

Besides the noticed problems, it's a great car, with great performance.

I've flashed out Clio's, Corsa's and even Civic's.

But, I would give anyone a good advice, since I've driven almost all type of cars: from the price rate of this car, I would definitely recommend to buy a Ford Fiesta 1.3 or 1.6 16V, either one, since its performance is really stunning. That's the best car you could buy for this price.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003

1999 Fiat Palio EDX 1.3


Excellent return in performance for its price


Absolutly nothing has stopped working with the car. Everything remains as new after 25000km. Only problem I've encountered is a slight aligning problem in the front suspension. The problem could not be solved with minor alingment, so it was necesary to turn to the dealer. No major work, but surely something you would like to do at the dealer's.

General Comments:

Ive driven almost everything, from VW Beetles, to BMW's, and I think this is an excellent car for its price. It won't probably outrun a 1.4 Clio, or a 1.4 Corsa, but it certainly outperforms them in braking (by far) and sharp cornering.

The gearbox works perfectly from third up (it accelerates uniformly), but there is a considerable "hole" between first and second. I don't know if the gearbox is the same for most models, but my car is an 99 EDX 1.3 MPi made in Venezuela.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2000

16th Feb 2005, 08:19

I own a Fiat Palio 16V 1.6 EL and I have to say I am very impressed by the performance and handling of my car. Having had 14 cars (I am a car addict ha ha!) in the last 16 years I have driven from BMW to Mercedes, VW and others.

I am sticking to my Palio!

Next to my two Mercs I can in all honesty say this is the nicest car I have ever had. Its fast, dependable, lively, roomy, OK on fuel, modern, and has specs only bigger cars boast. It will outrun most other 1600 cc cars on the road, both with acceleration and topspeed. Viva Fiat, viva Italy!