2010 Kia Soul AA Aut 1.6


Great looks, nice ride


The car is too new to have problems, the only thing is I scratched it in the parking lot, but it was fixed very well. The repair was a little bit on the expensive side, for the size of the scratch.

General Comments:

The car is great, the driving position is like an SUV, you have a commanding position from there (I was used to driving only cars). My Kia Soul has 18 inch wheels, and the ride is a little bit hard, but is acceptable.

The nice thing of the suspension is when you drive on the corners, for its height the Kia Soul is great, the ESP controls the car wonderfully, and you can take fast corners.

The electronics inside are good, although in my country, bluetooth is not an option. iPod connectivity is nice, and the sound of the stereo is good.

The inside space is generous, you'll notice when you drive other cars, the steering wheel is soft and is designed to be more comfortable than to give feedback to the driver. The space in the trunk is OK, for long travels it's adequate for two people. Mine doesn't come with the floor organizer, and I think it's better.

My Kia Soul has 1.6L engine, and works adequately, but is not a sports car. With automatic transmission, its ride is very smooth. In mountain terrain it's good, but in rough surfaces, you will notice bumps.

Now the best part its style, the Kia Soul is very different, inside the dashboard is very clean and easy to use, with the 18 inch wheels looking very handsome, and it has a very sporty look.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th October, 2010