2010 Renault Koleos Expression 2.5 petrol


Good car, a lot of space, great power, and fair fuel consumption for its size


Rear brake pads started to make a strange sound at low speeds, like a "tac" when braking. I went to the dealer and they said that was normal. Finally I decided to replace the brake pads myself with Nissan Murano rear brake pads, and problem solved.

Battery was replaced at 29.000 km because it was not able to start the car.

When you start the engine for a little moment, for example to change your spot in a parking lot and then leave the car parked for a few days, the sparks plugs get wet with petrol and the car won't start; only after trying to ignite the engine for a long time, will it start with a lot of smell of gasoline.

General Comments:

It's a very good car, and the main reason to choose the Koleos (I swore to never buy a Renault) was they are constructed with Nissan technology. The Renault dealers in Colombia are very expensive, and usually after the warranty period ends, you can find cheaper services in non authorized dealers.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2015