1998 BMW 5 Series 523i 2.5 ltrs


Perfect driving device


It had a faulty airbag sensor in the passenger side seat when I bought it, will be replaced by the dealer at no cost (at least they said so).

A park light in the main beams was burned out, I bought it at the dealer for $0.90.

Cd's "jump" when you're driving over bumps or not so smooths roads, (and we don't have really smooths roads or highways here in Costa Rica). My car has a Cd stacker in the trunk.

General Comments:

I bought this car just a week ago, it has just 76.000 kms and is in pristine condition. Beautiful tan leather interiors with nogal wood.

It is a very well maintained car, with dealer service records. Previous owner even had all the " circulation permits " of the car since new, this is what we pay every year for tax and insurance.

Now I understand why they say BMW's are the " ultimate driving machine ", in twisty roads you feel like you are in rails. It gains speed very easily, and passing power, for our roads, is more than enough.

The trip to our house in the beach is a 4 hours drive, twisters up and down hill roads and long straights, where ever I'm riding I feel I can keep doing it...

I like the solid feel of the vehicle, when you're inside you don't hear nothing from outside, not even the engine. The air conditioning is amazing, 1st the car doesn't loose power and 2nd, you don't hear noisy fan, just feel the cold.

Everybody have to do with BMW's, in my work, even with persons that I normally don't talk, they just get to you and say: " Oh man, your car is beautiful ", " that's the one I always wanted " etc etc, you know what I mean.

Fuel economy: Highway I got 8 lts/100 kms or 30 mls/gl, in town 14 ltrs/100 kms or 17 mls/gl.

I'm in love with this car, I think I will never buy another make than BMW.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2007

8th Nov 2012, 15:05

Nice to read your comment, do you still have this car? I'm about to buy the 525TDS 1998 e39 in Costa Rica too. I know the car is extremely comfortable and reliable in many aspects, but I do have my concerns...

Have you ever had any trouble like clutch, brakes, suspension, maybe even a check engine light on?? Have you found the maintenance of this car too expensive?

I'm really into this car, and the one I'm looking at is in pristine condition, but daily maintenance is what makes me think this could be a not so good idea...

Also, I know that this car series wasn't delivered to the US, so maybe this could make the repair parts a little bit harder to find too, and this keeps me thinking about it.

Would be nice to hear about your experience with your car, so I can have an idea of someone else's experience, taking into account that I use my car around 100 kms daily home - work - home, and that would be how I'll use this one too.

1993 BMW 5 Series 530i 3.0


Dream sports sedan


The right back window stopped working, but after a while started working again slowly.

General Comments:

The E34 5 series has a timeless design.

It is an amazingly fast car, just gas it and you will smoke any 2007.

You are driving a $50.000+ car for a fraction of that cost.

The amount of comfort features that a 14 year old car gives you is amazing. Some of them are not even optional in many new cars.

Even though it only has the driver's air bag, it makes me feel safe cruising with my family.

The only minor problem is the gas consumption. I only drive it in a very busy rush hour and it only makes 25km/g, but probably other cars will do around 32-35 in those conditions.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007