1980 Datsun 1200 Pick- up 1.2 gasoline


If you ever get one, you will never sell it


Absolutely nothing. My sister made the battery explode once, but that was because it wasn't tied up well.

General Comments:

It doesn't need a lot of gas. I just put like 15 bucks and that means like a week and a half.

It is very fast for a 4 gear car. I have left newer cars far behind with it.

It is made with the hardest steel you can imagine. I once crashed against a bus and I left unscratched.

It never needs water replacing. The water you see today, is the same you saw months ago; it amazes me until this day.

Compared to new cars, this is what Nissan should have kept making.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 25th August, 2004

14th Mar 2005, 05:27

High potential for modifications, very reliable.

5th Nov 2006, 01:56

These models dent like tin there made as strong as a pre fab house in a cat..5 cyclone.

5th Nov 2006, 07:31

Yes, I agree with your sentiments about tying your sister down - what did she do, drop a spanner across the terminals?

30th Apr 2009, 12:35

Hi there! I am a 14 year old boy and we have a 1975 ute (cream). I LOVE it and it cannot break!!