1973 Mercedes-Benz 220 D 220 diesel


Excellent car, luxury, sharp with classic look and speed


Valve clearance adjustment was out, so it was hard to start for almost a year. After the valve adjust, the car starts like new. Fast on the freeway, and very economical.

Seats all the family with confort, 5.

General Comments:

Fast on the freeway.

Handles very well.

Very economical.

Mine has minimal rust.

Suspension is like a tank - it will take a beating or two, and keep going.

Everyone admires it when you drive it.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2006

31st Oct 2008, 03:48

Mine was a 1971 220-D and I lived it for many years.

The front seats are like plush business chairs - big and welcoming, comfortable and sustaining on long trips.

Paint quality was exceptional, as was overall fit and finish.

VERY low maintenance (forget spark plugs, timing and that sort of thing).

Mileage was super, especially when diesel was cheap in the 70's. It made a clatter at start up. Pick up was poor from a standing start, but boy it loved to fly on the highway!

I sold it to my brother in about 1984 who killed it by burning kerosene in it as a cheap (er) alternative to diesel.

I don't speak to him much anymore.