2002 Suzuki Maruti


Overall, this car is a very good option for commuting in cities with a flat geography


The clutch worn out at 60.000 Km. Had to replace it.

Noise from body and windows started at around 45.000 Km. I guess it is normal for Costa Rica’s poor roads.

It failed to start several times when temperature was low (12 degree Celsius) and nobody seemed to know why.

Original tire size is very difficult to find (145 /12 R)

General Comments:

I have owned this car for almost two years already and it has worked like a champ. Fuel economy is good and it has been a major factor to keep this car.

Its size allows taking paths that bigger cars cannot go through. This is very helpful to escape traffic jams and go around middle-street crashes.

The car does not perform well in hills, however, as the 800cc engine needs to make strenuous efforts to climb the way to my uphill place (else, do not push it, but climb at no more than 20Km per hour). I do not want to ruin the engine, which performs very well in flat surfaces, so I will sell it and get a bigger engine car now.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 26th December, 2006