1995 Volkswagen Jetta III 2.0


Nice looking, seriously unreliable car


Oil leak coming from the automatic transmission since I first bought it. Car dealer repaired it and one week later, still the leak. Car dealer said that this being a used car, the automatic transmission was completely deteriorated. Supposedly an expert repaired it, but as I said, I got the car back and one week later it's still leaking.

Motor does not run properly, during a stop light or a stop sign and the car is in drive shift, the rpm starts oscillating between 1000 rpm to almost 0 rpm. After you start driving again, it seems as if the car has lost all its power. It's just a nightmare.

General Comments:

For me it's just a hassle, I'm trying to get the money back from these people and buy a different car brand.

Overall, the car handles well and seems pretty stable on curves.

Nice spacious trunk.

Bummer, there is no dash compartment.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 7th July, 2006

2nd May 2009, 23:59

I bought an 1995 Jetta GL, manual transmission, 2.0, 4L ABA Engine in 2008 with only 100.000 miles on it. I had to replace immediately the timing belt. Sunroof doesn't work, it seems the problem was produced by someone that closed it by force (Not manually with the Allen wrench included down the plastic cover in the roof).

Had to replace the clutch with the original brand (LUK) at 110.000 miles because it was so slippery, the mechanic said that I have to change the clutch cable for one with adjustment, because after the clutch replacement, the free play on the pedal was not the correct. The older clutch plate was about 50% wear only, but looks toasted for the friction caused by improper adjustment.

I like the decent acceleration and curve stability in this car. The gas consumption is inexpensive.

I think if you know how to develop a proper maintenance schedule on it, you are not going to have any major problem.

I had to replace the two front turn lights, because it looks older and dirty. I choose an aftermarket glass style ones :).

The missing glove compartment is a nightmare for any who wants to carry the documents of the car or anything else!!!

The rubber that cover the stick was broken (Yes: rubber, not leather) and needs immediately replacement by a handcrafted leather one.

The diversity of making precedence of the parts is incredible, I found parts on it made in : Germany, England, Spain, Mexico, France and Denmark. Was originally manufactured in Mexico.

I paid around $1500 in replacement parts and adjustments to take it back to life decently (including the suspension compensatorĀ“s). The original price was $5000. IĀ“m planning to keep it with me for a couple of years as a minimum to enjoy my investment, but in fact I want to sell it after that and buy a Japanese brand like Toyota, Subaru or Mitsubishi). They are more reliable.

I think this is a beautiful car, add the original VW trunk tail (spoiler with brake LEDs) and it looks good, want to obtain the smoked tail lights of the Celebration Edition and add bi-xenon head lights.

I also added german original mud keepers for about ($150).

Finally if you want to buy this model, find a low miles and good kept one, or suffering is going to be your name. It's hard to find a good mechanic for VW in Costa Rica.