1995 Alfa Romeo 145 TS QV 2.0 16v Twin Spark


Great fun to drive, brilliant looks


Crankshaft bearing failure.

Oil pump failure.

Due to a badly made repair by one the previous owners.

General Comments:

First things first it looks great!

Great to drive, brilliant sound.

Good handling simply fun to drive.

The only problem is that the 2 litre 16 valve twin spark is not a reliable engine.

The 1.8 TS is a much better choice.

The driving position is not bad, but could be better, a bit to high.

The steering wheel is to far away and the pedals are too close.

Yet the driving experience makes you forget all those things once you take it out on a curvy road, it's pure driving pleasure.

As only the Italians are able to build.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2009

1999 Alfa Romeo 145 1.6 TS


Great car!



General Comments:

Fast, sporty, reliable, beautiful interior & exterior, cool engine sound & performance,... I'd like to spend money to improve something, but I have no idea what should it be ;)

However, there are some minor problems:

1. windshield is getting "foggy" when it is wet & cold outside and there are more than one one person (beside me) in the cabin... it's hard to get it clear even using air-conditioner, but I guess it's because of air-con filter that has probably never been renewed ...

2. hand brake gets stucked when outdoor temp is below 0 C (handbrake "cable" needs replacement)

3. driver seat position is excellent, but only in the default (lowest) setting, otherwise it's generally too high

4. shockers are hard (sporty), not providing comfortable driving on bad roads

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005

1996 Alfa Romeo 145 Quadrifoglio 2.0 16v


It's a Quadrifoglio - what more should I say?


So far so good.

The 100.000 km inspection was extremely expensive (250 EUR just for spark plugs, total cost including rear shocks - over EUR 800 + labor).

The front suspension is very sensitive to bad roads.

General Comments:

Awesome brakes (standard with Ferodo pads).

Very good handling.

Engine: even better than the flat-out performance is the unique Alfa sound effect!

Marvelously picked gear ratios.

Absolute top of the line design, even today!

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Review Date: 26th October, 2001