1995 Audi A6 2.6 E


What has gone wrong?

Well here we go:

1. After circa 6 months of ownership, track control arm is gone (cost circa 250€ for 2 new Febi Bilsteins and for the hands of my mechanic).

2. After another 6 months, the master clutch cylinder is gone (cost 170€ for a new one + work).

3. Then in January 2012, another fault - cooler of the heating system. I saw one day that my coolant is missing; I had no idea where or why after a bit aggressive driving I saw smoke (?!) under my hood, and I realized what went wrong. Cost - almost 300€ and three weeks long without a car. I live outside Zagreb, circa 15 km from the city centre and I cannot live without a car, but it was three weeks; a little bit with the city bus, and a little bit on foot... I was desperate and very nervous.

4. Then in February 2012 another fault (grrrr): my steering wheel rail had gone. And - another 350€ gone from my wallet, because it was only repaired. A new one costs about 1500€.

5. "Big service" (engine oil, brake oil, antifreeze, gearbox oil, filters (all), timing belt and tensioners, water pump etc). Cost, using my local mechanic, was almost 600€ ?! and it's pretty expensive.

6. From then I have had no more major problems, but the spare parts of this German piece of crap are so expensive, that you sometimes think you drive a Ferrari or Bentley or Maserati, and not a 20 year old German piece of crap. For example:

Complete clutch set + flywheel, which you must (MUST!) change with the clutch set; costs with a work of my local mechanic were circa 1500€.

One ignition coil is (in Croatia) almost 200€, and a car has three :(

An alternator costs 350€.

A battery is 70-80A and it costs circa 100-150€.

A complete set of wheel suspension, all 4, = 400€ with work.

A complete set of brake discs, pads, wheel hubs and bearings. I don't know how much; I'd guess at least 700-800€.

An oil change, oil, air and a fuel filters change costs me about 180€ :(

And all this, only because this car is nothing special when seen from a quality side; it's old, and all such cars are old, dull, crappy and a pain in the ass.

I have also many problems with my instrument panel; it won't show how much fuel I have, the coolant temperature etc.

My central locking doesn't work. I have changed the batteries in the key, but nothing happens?!

My seat heating doesn't work at all, and I have all 4 seat heaters; that makes me so angry :(

General Comments:

The car is very big and comfortable. The engine and the gearbox are the only really good things about this car, and its speed and comfort.

With almost 400,000 km, it goes today with no problem about 235 km/h, it has no major oil leaks, and it works just fine, but spare parts are extremely expensive and the car is not reliable. I can almost say that the only bright points on this car are the engine, gearbox and its comfort; nothing more.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2013