1990 BMW 5 Series 520i


Executive express :)


Radiator leek at 160 000km.

Water pump leek at 165 000.

ATF oil leek from the beginning.

Rear right suspension broke under tremendous pressure.

General Comments:

I wanted an E36 320i, but instead I bought this car, and I never regret it.

Although it's pretty heavy (1400kg) and not so good at acceleration (0 -100km/h in 11,7 sec), it has good top speed - 203 km/h (don't forget this is straight six with two valves per cylinder - 129 hp)

Car has indeed lot of room, both on the front, back and in the rear box.

Handling is perfect; ideal weight distribution (50:50) and rear drive gave me lots of joyfull over-steers in wet conditions.

Brakes with ABS were also good; ABS starts to work very late, and I find that perfect.

Fuel consumption is very low for this class of vehicle; average at only 10,5 - 11,3 liters per 100km!!!

Overall I fell in love with this car, and I tested something I wouldn't like any of you test; crash test. I was hit sideways in crossroad and insurance called it total loss. I was unharmed (the weight of the car saved me).

Definitely a drivers car for ultimate driving pleasure, if you find one in good condition, I strongly recommend.

And don't bother for oil consumption; in manual it is written that everything under 1,5 liter on 1000 km is normal. My was "drinking" 0,4 - 0,7l on 1000km.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2004