1997 Chrysler Town and Country SE 3.8 V6


Amazing if you don't suffer from OCD


It's still too soon to tell... I bought it very used (170k miles) so I am currently surveying what I have to fix at this moment. At this point I see:

Headlights will have to be replaced.

Torn leather on driver's seat will be replaced.

Ceiling lining has come off and has to be glued back on - the middle row seats rub on the ceiling when being bent over to pass on the 3rd row bench, so...

Some minor body work will have to be fixed; also not surprising for 16 year old car, but nothing big. I saw on other similar cars the 5th door bottom edge tends to rot; I guess the bumper keeps the water on it.

The biggest thing I see I will have to tackle is repair/replacement of the automatic transmission. It works like charm, but drips oil... can anybody suggest if a whole new transmission could be bought and where?

General Comments:

As said, it is still too soon to tell, I may regret it later on, but currently:


I know it has its quirks, but the feeling on the road is amazing, the engine sound is awesome, and the mileage is actually quite OK if you realize the car is a troller, not a racing machine...

It is so comfy it's amazing... kids love it... dogs love it... my wife loves it...

I wouldn't mind rebuilding some of these things from scratch and using the car for years to come, especially as it has an LPG system installed, running at 10-12 l/100 km, which at 50% of the price of petrol is a bargain for such a car.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2013