2004 Citroen C5 X 2.0 HDI turbo diesel


Comfortable ride


Loose vacuum pipe, resulting in the turbo not activating.

6-7 light bulbs over a period of one and a half years.

Front passenger window sometimes won't come up using one-touch mode, it goes to the halfway point and then re-opens, you have to close it 1 cm by 1 cm.

Turbo sometimes fails to kick in, not a good thing while overtaking up-hills. I have to wait until 3000rpm for the turbo to start working.

Squeaking brakes.

Poor servo assistance while driving at low speeds.

General Comments:

Big, spacious on the inside, comfortable seats.

Big boot, practical because of its 5-door design.

Very quiet and smooth ride, great suspension although not good in curves, but great in a straight line.

Love all the sensors (rain sensor, light sensor) and toys.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2009

9th Sep 2009, 05:09

It is Citroen C first generation, that came out in 2001.

2002 Citroen C5 SX, break 2.2 hdi


Perfect car if you are lucky to get a good one


Rear window failure.

Front window failure.

Engine oil leek.

Main computer failure.

Radio controls failure.

Tempo mat controls failure.

Knocking noise from rear suspension.

Temperature indicator failure.

General Comments:

If I didn't have these problems I could say that this is the car of my dreams, but now I am so sorry I bought it.

It runs perfectly, a lot of engine power, and perfect handling.

May be I got one that was build when the factory ran out of electric power because I can't believe that so many problems a new car of that class can have.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2002

1st Feb 2004, 10:47

I have heard of problems with the C5.

I have been waiting for 2 years for someone to admit that my car was not 'right'. 2.0 HDI SX manual.

At last, I have upgraded to an Exclusive - auto 2.2 HDI.

Seems OK at moment - have just done 48 miles since arrival on Friday.

Hope you get things sorted - dealerships seem very poor on technical support and are lost without their computers!

They think that the computer is perfect - I do not agree!!!