2000 Daewoo Tico SX 0.8


Great car.. will be hard to find another one with that low fuel consumption and reliability


At 80.000 km, left wheel stuck and needed to change brakes and repair. Also changed electrical distribution and cables.

At approximately 50.000, braking oil was slightly leaking at real wheels braking force regulator. It has been changed. The rest was just regular maintenance.

General Comments:

The car is reliable, even accelerates quite good.

It's great in the city, fuel consumption 10/10.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2009

1998 Daewoo Tico SX 0.8 petrol


Keep away from this "car"!




3.Door lock

4.Problems with transmission

5.Interior lights don't working

6.Oil pump

*All this in just few months.

General Comments:

I give you just the facts for this car:

-Small running costs -that is only good thing for this "car".

-Handling the road is terrible! Fast driving in this car is only for suicidal people.

-Plate is so tiny that impact with a cat or a bird could end tragic. (For you, not for cat)

-Comfort? No way.

-Speed and acceleration? My 80 years old grandpa can run faster than this car.

-Steering is frustrating with that awful big non-ergonomic plastic steering wheel.

-Machine sounds like a dying goat. Imagine.

-Anything can go wrong with this car at anytime.

Keep away from this car for god sake!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

10th Feb 2006, 06:06

It's a non sense because you got the car in 2004, so you don't know for real how many kilometers the car has run...

The speed is over 120km/h, not recommended indeed, with any car. Your grandfather is a car, because a human being can't go as fast?!

1998 Daewoo Tico SX 0.8


It puts many more expensive cars to shame!


Battery needed to be replaced (of course, due to mileage), also shock absorbers have been changed, minor rust problems on the right rear door, beside that no problems.

General Comments:

Not really great for fast cornering, but it starts like a formula 1:)

REALLY lots of space for the car of that size.

Ventilation and in-cabin warming is unbelieveably good.

Despite its mileage, car is showing no signs of wearing.

4,2/5,5 l of gas (open road/city) - like a first day!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2004

3rd Aug 2017, 21:32

Original reviewer again :)

After 280000 km driven, the Tico was sold to my then-girlfriend in 2006. At that time, it still had the original clutch, with brake pads replaced only once - I know it is hard to believe, but this little car it is simply indestructible.

Now, in 2017, it is still at her possession, it has 330000 on the clock and the engine is still going strong - no need of overhaul. (of course, partly because it was rarely driven at short distances, usual trip was 25-30 km from home to work and not in the city but on the open road, and it was regularly serviced and driven normally, no racing :P )

The only problem was the body rust - got that fixed for peanuts :)