1985 Honda Civic GL 1.5 petrol


It's the best!


When we bought the car, we took it for a repair:

Changed transmission fluid, and braking fluid.

Changed a bulb for the light.

Changed cooling fluid.

Changed fuel hose.

Welded the exhaust line.

Repaired the carburetor.

Wheel geometry slightly misaligned, needs adjusting.

Bodywork started to rust around the wheels.

General Comments:

Great car for a low price.

Very powerful at around 2500 rpm.

Poor gas mileage - around 22 mpg in winter conditions in the city.

Handling good except in turns, when it drifts at higher speeds.

In good condition for a 25-year old.

No ABS, it got poor marks for safety in Australian tests.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2009

15th Jan 2010, 16:40

The thermostat didn't work, and the engine couldn't heat up as it should, so the mileage was poor, now it's 27 mpg in city! :)

It's got even more power now!

25th Jan 2010, 04:29

There are no headrests in the back seats. Potentially very dangerous in case of a rear impact!

4th Feb 2010, 17:03

I'm looking for a carburetor for my Civic. I love this car to death! Pleeease anyone.. help!

18th Jun 2010, 13:02

I'm the author of the original post, and have another thing to add.

If the car is loaded with a heavy load on the backseat, like 3 persons sitting there, it tends to make a loud bumping noise every time it crosses a bump on the road. Probably a part of the exhaust system is hitting the chassis. And it kinda feels that the whole car is gonna fall apart, but it doesn't :)

1996 Honda Civic 1,4is


My best car ever..


Bad? Nothing.

General Comments:

Car runs like new after 140 tkm. All you need to do is change oil, filters, anti freeze and that's it.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2005