1996 Hyundai Lantra GL 1.8


Check before you buy and you will live happily ever after


Alternator stopped filling @190k, replaced the voltage regulator myself.

Battery died because of it, but it was already old so I replaced it.

Rear hub @195k - replaced myself.

Rear brake calipers leaked not long after I bought it - could have avoided it if I paid attention. Replaced it with half price second hand from dealer (not very cheap though, but was something of emergency).

Had to replace almost new brake pads because of it - again, I could have avoided it if I reacted on time.

Driver door window guide - replaced it myself.

Dash board no light - I welded wire, everything OK.

Crankshaft sensor replaced by the dealer - not really sure it was necessary.

Back door lock rattled annoyingly. Fixed it in 5 min (after listening it for 2 years). Sound like a new car now.

Other than that the usual - oil, belts, rubbers, filters, boots,...

Should change shock absorbers soon.

Some squeaking noise in speed sensor.???

General Comments:

Have it for two years now.

I put the LPG unit immediately after I bought it - it drinks 8 L/100km of gasoline or 10 L/100km of gas. Fuel cost like diesel, speeds like rocket.

One time it left me on the road (5 min walk home) when voltage regulator died.

All faults are due to age and are understandable.

I use it pretty heavy - not so fine roads, towing heavy trailer, long highway trips.

It does 180km/h with no problem. Does have a wind hissing sound on high speeds - not so quiet. seats are reasonably comfortable.

Engine behaves bit like a turbo - slow acceleration until 2500rpm, then just flies off. Don't know if that's normal.

The longer I have it, the more I love it and take care of it and vice versa. (Haynes helps a lot, thank you Haynes)

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Review Date: 16th January, 2009