1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4.0


Legendary SUV


Melted light switch.

Cruise control dead.

Peeling roof.

Door panel buttons falling out or not working.

Inside door handle pulls out from the door.

Notorious Bendix 9 brake system (ABS) - one pump dead, right rear wheel not braking at all.

Handbrake out of order.

Engine cooling liquid - vanishing somewhere.

Engine seal leaking all over, from rear seal to power steering (previous owner used synthetic oil, which chewed all the gaskets).

Main lights, side indicators etc. working on some strange pattern.

Hazard light working only if the engine is running.

Horn spitting plastic and rust.

Speedometer not working.

Windshield fluid tank leaking - cracked.

Brake lights not working - switch on the brake pedal (worn out solder).

Vacuum bottle missing.

Exterior door handles brake off - bolts crack from rust deterioration.

Broken lock on center console.

Peeling window trim.

Rear wiper broken off - good for squirting cars behind you.

Rust, rust and more rust - rusty doors and entire floors with big holes hidden with carpet.

Leaking water on passenger side after each rain - fresh air vent seal leaking.

Fan blower motor rattling.

Muffler gasket leaking on engine - due to clogged muffler (and they say the engine won't start if you have clogged muffler).

General Comments:

Well it ain't all that black, since you can see what previous owners did to this Jeep, and still it will always turn on, even with rusty sparks - my mechanic still talks about this today when he saw how my Jeep ran on rusty sparks.

The previous owner did no maintenance as you can read in the fault list, and still the Cherokee XJ survived - it is just a legendary vehicle.

Had to rebuild all the wiring (the way I wanted to) and cut off useless items like cruise/night light switch/security/etc.

Fixed a lot of faults from above, mostly home made and even better than the original.

The faults still remaining are rust/air vent/Bendix 9 - just started out replacing the rust with new steel plates, and next is taking out the air vent, fixing the leak and rotor, and after that replacing the Bendix 9 with vacuum type brakes.

I even drove the Cherokee without engine oil for some time, and guess what, it still runs like a baby.

I just love it, from all that abuse before, it never let me down, not even on the snow/mud/rock or rain overflowing roads. It just keeps on going where all the fancy cars/SUVs always get stuck.

I'm just lucky the police didn't catch me yet, since in dense traffic or roundabout or road construction, I always find an alternate 4x4 route, from parks over embankments through road construction - the Jeep Cherokee XJ makes you feel special.

They don't make them as before, and I ain't giving this one up, no way.

The negative side is only vehicle registration and licensing fees in my country are 700EUR for 12 months. As for mileage, I use LPG so it's nothing really "for now at least".

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Review Date: 29th May, 2013