2003 Lada Niva petrol


Amazing workhorse


No major issues, however there are many smaller things on an almost daily basis.

Had a couple of batteries dry out. Can't remember to check if the headlights are on or off after leaving the car :-) (I'm used to a buzz on other vehicles I drive).

Driver's seat sliding mechanism needs a serious repair.

Brakes on the back wheels need adjusting; when I hit the brakes hard, the rear end drifts to the left side...

I see the body work will need small touches and attention on a yearly basis.

General Comments:

The car is absolutely amazing, if you want a workhorse with no luxury at all.

Consumption is a killer, and mine is gonna get an LPG installation very soon.

I have climbed up a 40% hill with 2 feet of snow... The Niva didn't even feel the difference...

The car is great for work, hauling (reduction gear works fine, even though the engine is relatively weak), muddy and snowy roads. My 2.5 year old kid just loves the "Jeep" and can't wait to get into it...

It smells of petrol all of the time, makes funny noises, has weak headlights, has cockpit knobs (lights, wipers, ventilation, heating) that you avoid using too often to avoid breaking them, but still... it's a car with a lots of character - can be amazing, just be sure what you need it for. I bought it to climb my hill in snowy months, to the parking lot with my "real" car, and to get to a field I have...

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Review Date: 20th March, 2013

2001 Lada Niva 1.7 injection, petrol


A good third car


Starter problems at 25 000 km.

Alternator failure at 35 000 km.

Clutch worn at 65 000 km.

Transmission overhaul at 95 000km.

Both front wheel bearing replaced twice on 45 and 95 000km.

Prop shaft U-joints changed a couple of times during the 135 000km.

The body had large rust holes, and welding is needed; it's only 10 years old.

The car needs constant maintenance.

General Comments:

Capable, cheap, outdated, and maintenance intensive.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2012