1989 Lada Riva 1300 1.3 double carburettor


An old, but great car -- very cheap


Gasoline pump leaked oil, I changed it myself. I used the one from my other Lada (for parts). The cost? Only time.

The cooler is leaking, but I'm too lazy to change it.

I made a service repair - changed the oil, oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter - me and a friend - total cost was under 50€.

And also a mechanic changed the belts and re-calibrated the valves, and fixed a little problem with front brakes. It cost around 80-90€.

My e-mail is walbandon(at)hotmail.com and I'm from Croatia.

General Comments:

The car is great, its only weak point is fuel consumption, around 10-13l per 100km, but I solved that by installing LPG - natural gas.

It is very strong, reliable, comfortable, spacious, not so fast, but I can say strong enough to pull or push another car sideways :)

I'm very pleased with the car, and I'm planning to pimp it a little; new paint, work on the engine or replace it with a stronger one.

I already installed a music system in it.

I love this car, I'm 19.5 years old, and I've driven Ladas for 1.5 years now, but my father has never had another make of car, he has owned around 6 Ladas from 1985. So practically I grew up in Ladas :)

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Review Date: 5th February, 2006

1st Feb 2007, 15:05

Yes I know what it's like growing up in Ladas. My folks had a couple and they gave one to me to drive. I love em.

I had a 1600 and it was quite good. I used to put the front against something and smoke out the tires (I was 14!)