1990 Mazda 323 LX 1.6i


Fast family sedan combined with a sports car



General Comments:

The car is great. Family sedan and a sporty little beast.

It handles great. You really have to do something stupid to loose control. With good tires it handles good on snow too.

Engine is the best part of the car. Likes to rev, it pulls from 2000rpm all the way to 7000 rpm stronger and stronger.

The cabin is great, the plastic is high quality and looks like new even after 13 years.

Seats are also like new, very comfortable and they hold you in place in curves.

I think that if you would scratch all the color of the car and put it underwater, it will not rust!

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Review Date: 26th December, 2003

1990 Mazda 323 F GLX 1.6 16v



General Comments:

The Mazda 323F is a car with a soul of its own. It looks beautiful even though it was produced 10 years ago.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2000

1991 Mazda 323 F GLX 1.8 sohc


Had this car for 20.000kms. Nothing much went wrong. Rear muffler was replaced with stainless one.

General Comments:

Everything is nice; acceleration, fuel consumption, build quality - except for steering which is vague, far from direct. Almost 4 turns from lock to lock. I still wonder what was in the manufacturers' head.

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Review Date: 28th February, 1999

4th May 2001, 05:34

Yes, The same car, the same country, just another guy! I've made 120 K km with it, and apart from lame servo acutators on windows and sunroof, all the things that have been replaced on the car (1991 Mazda 323F 1.8) were damaged due to physical impact. I have heard from my neighbor who also has the same car - he kept the original anti-freeze liquid in his cooler for the first seven years! Too bad they don't make so good cars. The only thing I am not to happy with is the poor braking system - it sucks even when I installed the new one.

17th Jun 2001, 09:59

I own a 1991 Mazda 323 it has only 75,000 miles on it, and is a great car, not too many problems; except for the usual CV joints, but my comment comes from something else.

What is up with the huge hazard button?

It's like the designer's of the car were like "people are always searching for this thing, lets make it more noticeable!!". I think it was pretty silly to put the thing (especially being as big as it is) right there out in front!

Anyway sorry this was so long, just wanted to make a comment, thanks.

1998 Mazda 323 P 1.3i 16v petrol


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Not good power for the size of a car. Good equipment and very safety.

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Review Date: 24th January, 1999