1996 Mitsubishi Galant GLStd 2.0 turbo diesel


This lemon almost destroyed my faith in Japanese automobiles


Engine died 2 weeks after I bought it. It had cooked itself completely without noticing me via the temperature gauge. My mechanic said that the head had been welded together poorly after a previous failure.

Rear shock absorbers had to be changed at 170000.

There were several oil leaks, the one coming out of the turbine air intake couldn't be fixed, but it's a minor one.

The windscreen broke for no apparent reason.

The thing (I don't know the english word) that holds the front left axle in place had to be replaced at 160000.

The fuel heaters never worked properly, causing the car to be VERY bad on cold starts, if it does start at all. Haven't been able to fix it due to unidentifiable electrical problems.

A few other minor problems, not including changing all the belts in due time, nor regular services.

General Comments:

Obviously, the car has cost me more than I paid for it, in a year. I was, and still am, very surprised with all the trouble, having previously owned a '91 Lancer, which was the best car I've had. Never a serious problem with that one in 3,5 years, and it had 250.000 km on the clock when I sold it, the engine was still running great, always starting 1st time even in -20 C, and beating much newer cars with more HP off the lights.

This Galant, on the other hand, is an extremely slow vehicle, and not very fuel-efficient (10L/100km average, that's a lot for a diesel). Very poor acceleration.

What was good about the car was the looks, very nice design, and it was really comfortable, with everything electrical, A/C, ABS, power steering, fog lights, rear disc brakes etc.

Excellent handling, great brakes. I believe my greatest mistake was getting a diesel engine with many problems and not enough power.

However, I am currently looking for another Mitsu, this time a petrol engine; if that one is also a lemon, I will switch to some other manufacturer.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st December, 2009