1993 Renault 19 RT 1.4 petrol


One of the best Renaults ever made..


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This car is great. 1.4 is very good on acceleration, compared to similar cars. It runs even faster then newer Renault 1.4 cars...

Reliability is superb. 115000km without any problems.

Car's age can only be seen in interior, because paint is very good, and car after 9 years still looks like new from the outside. Engine is also great. Runs like new one even after 115k km. Maybe gearbox could be a little "quicker", but anyway this is a great car. Later my family bought Megane, but quality of 19 is on much higher standard.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2002

1989 Renault 19 TS 1.4 energy


I am sorry they do not make R19 anymore!


Bodywork caught some rust around the back wheels.

Paint suffered a lot in 12 year period even when regularly washed and polished. It was non-metallic red.

Car went through 5 accidents and that is how many times the front was fixed. I did only 2 smaller damages on the car.

Gear stick was precise and easy, but the rubber ball at the top broke due too bad sponge material.

Rear trunk was leaking rain from somewhere.

It had very bad brakes. Even I purchased whole new set for all brakes on the car it was still very slow and unreliable when braking.

Engine tends to turn off during winter time and you need to fight it with it manual choke.

General Comments:

It is very good car. I bought it used and it would be much better if I had it while it was new.

It has great road performance and it is very comfortable for city and open roads. It has great engine with 80 HP which is just about great for that car.

It has large trunk and it is very practical and good for family.

The main point is that the car never stopped and never left me on the road.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2002

11th Mar 2004, 04:56

I had R19 for 15 years (still have it) without problem. The engine was changed after 230.000 km and now (285000km) it runs very smooth. Maybe some rust on rear mudguard. It didn't abandon me for 15 years. GREAT CAR!!!

1st Oct 2005, 10:18

A friend of mine has a R19 and some of your comments about the car, like leaking water and paint rusting and poor brake system. I almost thought that my friend posted that comment! Too bad dough... Cause it truly is a nice car. My friends car already has 240.000Kms, but still purrs like a kitten! He-s got new car now and I'm going to drive the car now, hope it lasts like your's!