2004 Renault Clio Pack 1.2 16v


Recommended as city car


Steering wheel wiring fault recall - not actually noticed any fault on this car.

Failed distributor cable at 45000 kms, car running on 3 cylinders, distributor cap replaced.

Failed hazard lights switch, replaced it myself at 55000 kms.

Grinding starter motor noise from 73000 kms, not replaced it yet as the car works fine apart from the noise when starting it.

Minor trim rattles.

Headlight bulbs blow every 20000 kms or so.

General Comments:

This car is a supermini, small by late 2000s standards, but interior space is not a priority in my case, so no marks off for that.

The interior is nicely designed and of high quality for an early 2000s design as well.

It rides very comfortably.

The engine is very torquey for its size, and is pleasant around town, out of breath on the motorway, but again, adequate given its size. It also revs nicely and isn't too loud.

Handling is good, steering is floaty and feels unstable over 130 km/h.

The clutch is too stiff and the throttle response can be jerky, which is sometimes annoying.

Love the steering column stereo controls, the best of any I've tried.

There have been some reliability issues. However, they weren't expensive, and the only one worth noting is the failed distributor cable, a common Renault problem, as I had to have the car towed. Were it not for this, I'd give it a 9/10 for reliability as everything else is minor. Even so, I'd buy it again as the cheap servicing, low price and good driving offset the occasional problems. Build quality is surprisingly good for a French car - nothing has broken or fallen off, and it only gives out minor creaks when it's cold.

Overall mark is 7/10 and "would buy again". At its price, I believe it was the best buy at the time.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2009

1999 Renault Clio 1.9 diesel


Ideal start for beginners


Front right suspension leaked at 25 000km. Replaced under warranty.

Oil pressure indicator failure at 90 000km (very cheap.)

First gear on ventilation system failed at 100 000km (never fixed it)

Water pump failure at 104 000km. Probably because V belt was changed at 100 000km and the pump wasn't. Pretty expensive for this class of vehicle - aprox 190 EUR.

General Comments:

This is very smooth and comfortable car. Ideal for city and for women. On longer trips max three passengers due to lack of space and power.

Transmission is well combined with engine and although is has only 64 hp you can cruise on highway with speed of 160 (161 km/h official top speed)

Fuel consumption is approx 5,5 - 6 in the city and on open road you can go under 5 liters per 100 km.

If you think of this as your first car, you have my strong recommendation.

Low maintenance and "user friendly" behavior during driving are it's best qualities.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2004