2005 Skoda Fabia rs 1.9 tdi pd


Economical, well designed pocket beast


Nothing wrong with the car so far.

Works good, quite for a diesel.

Initially,I thought that this car would be faster.

After about 2 months I got it chip tuned from 130bhp to 165 hp

Took about 2 seconds from my 0-100 time. Before it was 9.5, now it’s 7.5.

Before I got the back seats, spare tire and the door panels removed it was 8.0.

Honestly I miss the sound of the exhaust. It’s now really fast for a diesel, but you can’t hear the power. I am not looking for that vulgar and “I have a hole in my exhaust” sound. I want a powerful sound that is kind to your ears…. Like a tune….

I also did not like the stock shocks and springs setup. It was too high and in hard braking the rear of the car would sometimes slide around. Got that fixed by installing bilstein after-market shocks and spring setup. Lowered the car for a 3.5cm in front and 3 cm the back.

General Comments:

Now it is fixed to the ground and corners really well. I would recommend everyone who has this car to invest some cash and do these modifications. It is now definitely not the same car…..

Fuel consumption in probably gone up for about 0.8l/100km.

City, normal drive- 7.5 City sport drive 11.0 (max- mostly between 9-10) …open roads- 5.4

Top speed is now 230kph because of the chip (+20)

P.S.: Should shift gears at or slightly below 3500 because after that the car looses power. (this is normal for a diesel)

Hope I have been helpful.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2006

31st Jul 2006, 06:56

Now this is a good review! I'm from Croatia too and have the Fabia vRS (I have my review down here somewhere on www.carsurvey.org ;) ). Everything you said is true, the acceleration time, the fuel consumption, handling... You keep thing objective, other like to exaggerate a bit (like a Fabia vRS doing 7s 0-100 or even less, LOL).

Mine does 0-100 in 8 seconds too, the fuel consumption in town is the same (mostly 9-10l/100km) and the open road is exactly the same, 5.4l ;)

The rear end likes to wobble around a bit if you go into understeer and let the gas pedal off too quickly. Nothing anyone should be concerned about. But the nose is heavy and there is a lot of tyre squeal when doing nimble corners. You get the best of two worlds, comfort and handling (although, neither is that good ;) ).

Oh yeah, the service shop is just horrible (stolen batteries from keys, 3 of 4 alloy wheels scratched...).

2005 Skoda Fabia vRS 1.9 TDI 131Hp


This toy is for those of us who never knew how to play with other children


I've had the car for less than two weeks, so nothing serious that could have gone wrong. Then again...

There is some weird resonating noise coming from under the car when full throttle is applied. Maybe it's the exhaust (anyone?).

The antenna is probably not set up correctly, since my radio can't search for stations automatically, only manually. When set, the signal is lost if I enter narrow streets or tree avenues!

When going over 120km/h, I hear a *TUP* *TUP* *TUP* noise from somewhere. I doubt it's a rock between tire channels, since it's been there from day one.

Got a screw in my rear left tire the very first day I had the car (now have a new tire, this one is a reserve) =)

General Comments:

I must say that carsurvey.org was one of the biggest decisive arguments for buying a new car. It was the vRS that had great reviews, and since it was my first choice, the thing was set! Got it new from the factory in under one month.

What to say about the car that hasn't been said already? It's damn faster than the SDI I test drove =)

Now seriously, it's extremely quiet for a diesel; inside you can barely hear it.

The turbo is very happy, whooshes even at 1100 RPM.

Ride setup is really something I admire, handling is GREAT while not sacrificing comfort. City driving is a breeze; don't hear or feel the potholes, and no fear climbing sidewalks either.

Already had a few close calls; once I braked in the middle of a bend, and the car just said "At this point most cars would run into that tree over there, but I won't so be careful next time" =) The car tells you exactly where its limits are!

Tires that come with the car (Continental ContiSport2) are very good. Even when raining, the car doesn't slip in second and third! Nice looks too.

Looks of the car... In daylight it doesn't quite show itself, but when night falls (dusk especially) and the xenon headlights fire up... Uh, it just runs through you like poison.

Now something I would like other Fabia vRS owners to comment...

I thought the car would be FASTER.

Yes, it gives punch in every gear.

Yes, it goes 160km/h in town without even knowing it.

Yes, it goes thorough city traffic like hell.

Yes, other cars just pile up in your rear view mirror.

But I expected more...

Somehow when I pass the initial punch, there isn't any more brutal acceleration. The speedo and the revs go up, but no feel =(

Maybe it's due to the its heavy weight, by the papers I got with it... 1347kg!!! Somehow I doubt it's true, more like 1247kg.

I even had a few measurements of my own.

80-120km/h in fourth the RS does in 6.8s.

My old Nexia (75hp, 990kg) did that in third in 7.5s. Not such a big difference.

The 700 eur ECU mod to 164 HP is my next upgrade. Will have to wait for that though (or buy one of those Powerboxes for 300, which I don't like)...

The fuel economy isn't bright either; 10l/100km in town and 6.5 open road.

Maybe that goes to the fact the car is new and the revs never drop under 2000 (I always accelerate at over 3000, don't want any outtake elements clogging). Also, I quite often I drive like I stole it =)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, ABS on bumpy road is death! But that's not Skoda's fault.

What other people have already mentioned is the "looks of other people's faces when you pass them". That is incredibly true! I have to share this with you...

Just the other day I was cruising around town when a BMW 3xx (the old one, which looks like a cube) fully tuned (alloy wheels, sports exhaust, sports suspension...) got past me doing a slalom during rush hour. I waited till the traffic cleared, and then just put the pedal to the metal...

That next moment was the very reason Skoda built this car.

When the guy saw the xenon headlight in his rear view mirror, he revved his BMW to the fullest, but it was too late, I just whooshed past him.

Now, what happened next is truly amazing.

He saw it was a SKODA FABIA that took him, I was going about 120~130km/h and had to take a turn right, I slowed down. It was obvious he had to go straight because of his speed, but NO, he stopped in the middle of the road and wanted to go around me somehow, just to be first, left right, almost looked like he wanted to go over the sidewalk! But it was too late, we got to another traffic jam and I slowly stopped while he went his old way furious =)

I had more similar occurrences, but none so interesting (more like giving a short honk or blink when the race is over), yet =)

If you can't buy one, definitely TRY one, you'll love it!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2005

6th Oct 2005, 01:50

Yes, ABS on a bumpy road is death, that is its biggest drawback

6th Oct 2005, 04:43

Turbodiesels are never as fast as they feel. If they were, nobody would buy petrol cars.

8th Oct 2005, 10:29

It's me again (the author =) ).

I had to make a little trip around the country in the last two days, traveled a bit over 600km.

Anyway, I calculated the fuel consumption not by the board computer, but by filling it up to the fullest at the gas station. 100% of very active city driving, 8.5l/100km! And it could go lower!

On the other hand, open road (measured on 310km), 5.6l! And I didn't spare it, no-one was in front of me =)

Highway consumption is 6.7l (measured on ~270km), mostly driving around 140-150.

Also had more fun with a lot more powerful cars =) ) )

Will keep you updated since my radio antenna is dead, can't catch anything anymore, and the car is shaking while driving fast. Will see what the dealer has to say.