2006 Suzuki Swift GC AC 1.5 VVT


Sporty, stylish and practical


Problem with the brakes. Changed under warranty, but for the same type. Feel that the same problem is starting to appear again. Poor braking efficiency. Suggest buying higher quality brake set on own expense.

Some rattles, nothing serious. Drivers seat not perfectly fixed (can shake a bit when turning.

General Comments:

An excellent drive. Very sporty and a great feel. suprisingly stable at higher speeds (motorway). Could be a bit lowered. Suspension very good.

Very roomy and comfortable. Love the looks (in black).

I looooove the key-less entry system... wouldn't change that for anything.

Chicks love the car, which is very important IMO.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2006

4th Dec 2006, 02:30

Several people have mentioned poor brakes. What is the exact problem? The brakes on my DDiS are excellent, but grate slightly, and rust over very quickly indeed. I know discs are mild steel and are supposed to rust, but even after a hard run that totally clears the rust off, the next morning they are covered in rust again. They do stop exceptionally well though, with progressive action.

My clicking seat is annoying, and the dealers can't fix it.

The car does get a very positive reaction from people, who love the style of it. Geoff.

1989 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3 16v MPI


115 BHP, 750 Kilos - need I say more?



Synchromesh between 2nd and 3rd was a little worn.

I had to go for injection calibration twice.

Biggest minus - this car is basically a 2 seater. I am 186 cm tall, and I could barely squeeze in. Behind me my college notes wouldn't fit.

General Comments:

In my student years, for the money invested (around 3500 EUR), it was the quickest and most economic car by far.

Good rustproofing, extreme reliability.

Performance absolutely unexpected by other driver's on the road trying to play with you.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2001

22nd Nov 2001, 07:23

I would have to say that you're bang on the dollar about this review, One bit of advice to any GTi owners out there is be careful when lowering your GTi because they get easily damaged underneath as I found out the hard way!