2005 Honda Jazz 1.4 SE petrol


Exceptional; you must test drive it to appreciate its qualities


Nothing yet. Only 530Km on the clock.

General Comments:

Exceptionally smooth high torque all the way from near-idle through to the so-far-driven 3000 rpm.

I find this car the most suitable car for me for city driving from all the cars I have test driven (in January 2005), in terms of drive-ability, performance, comfort and spaces.

I traded-in a 1.5 year old Yaris that disappointed me (see review under Toyota Yaris) to acquire the Jazz.

I found the Jazz much better suited to my needs and my driving style and decided that was worth the change.

In addition it is performing very well on the motorway when driving in the legal limits. Engine a bit noisy > 2800 rpm, but not that bad.

It never hesitates (so far.!) and is very "obedient" when pressing the accelerator pedal.

Holds very well on the road, the suspension is as firm as needed to be (for 2005 model).

The interior is very ergonomic and functional with good level of equipment (for 2005 model, for my market).

Very comfortable car, and big enjoyment to drive. In fact it competes favorably with my 1.6SE VTEC Civic 4-door sedan in qualities and comfort.

The Jazz sold in our market are made in Japanese factories and this was a very big decisive factor in my purchase decision.!

Well done Honda. You got a loyal customer. Keep the good work up.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2005