2007 Peugeot 207 GTi 1.6 turbo


I wouldn't buy one again!


When I first picked up the car, it had what looked like heavy surface rust on the suspension tops. Was told not to worry as it isn't a problem, and they just put some oil on top of it.

Exhaust has been very sooty ever since the first day I drove the car, and it's now staining.

Brake pads cause lots of dust, really black. Even right after it's washed it's the same again within 5 minutes of driving.

CD player erratic and switched on and off on its own (within first 3 months).

Door hinges gave way and driver's door dropped. (within the first 3 months).

Heating/AC system has mind of its own, changing temp erratically, switching itself on and off (was told it was a loose wire, then it happened again, seems to have stopped now).

Engine stuttering and loosing power to the point of almost stalling when accelerating hard (at about 15000km).

Inlet on turbo split leaking oil at a rapid rate and not fixed immediately by the Peugeot service centre. Was made to wait a very long time for a fix, and the service centre manager drove the car while damaged. When pipe was replaced, it didn't look anything like the original OEM pipe, not sure if it's a genuine Peugeot part (at 25000km).

Interior wearing very badly, pieces of chrome flaking off handbrake lever, seats splitting on bolsters and wearing fast. Soft touch coating on interior of doors and dashboard flaking off.

Lots of rattles and squeaks (from day one).

Alloy wheel cracked in two places and needed welded because I was unable to buy a single wheel from Peugeot (29500km).

Engine stuttering, popping, crunching and loosing power, Fault code: De-pollution system error (Now: 29600km).

Paint quality is very poor and scratches very very easily.

Tyres on the front wheels wear extremely fast and unevenly. Have had to replace them twice. Couldn't get original Bridgestones from Peugeot service centre/dealers as they only stock Continentals, which I must say wasn't anywhere near as grippy as the Bridgestones. I have now got Toyo Proxes on the front as they were the best tyre I could afford, and they feel as good if not better than the Bridgestones.

General Comments:

Handling has been good, it's been enjoyable to drive, when I've been able to drive it properly. Must say it's very dangerous in wet conditions though as the Bridgestone Potenza tyres do not cope well in the wet.

Fuel consumption is actually very good, I've not felt like I've not been laying out too much money for fuel except after traffic when it becomes difficult not to stall it, and fuel consumption has gone right up.

NEEDS A SIXTH GEAR, screams in fifth gear even though it doesn't struggle.

The car I bought in Cyprus appears to be different from every other GTi model sold in the world, different optional extras, different colours and missing details and such.

I did really love my car when I bought it, now I'm sick of it, trying to sell it and having no luck as it's quite badly damaged now.

I wouldn't buy from Peugeot again, as I don't think their quality is very good, and I wouldn't trust them again.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2009

21st Jan 2011, 05:23

Dude you got done for! Never heard of GTi and RC being specced differently anywhere...