1996 Seat Cordoba GLX 1.6i


Not very practical car suitable for daily trips but you can find better value for same money.


Poor brakes, multiple repairs necessary to fix.

Injection valve blocked up which caused many minor engine troubles - not detected by three different dealers. After simple cleaning most problems solved.

Damaged rear shock-absorbers replaced by 20000, improved stability and no problem since this replace.

Exhaust system replaced by 50000.

Handbrake wire replaced in 75000, rather expensive.

Power steerling hose damaged.

Minor electrical problem in fuse-box which sometimes prevents engine to start.

General Comments:

Driving performance (mainly stability) is rather poor, I would expect more from wants-be-a-sport-car. Gets worse if fully loaded (five adults). Perhaps ill-effects of a crash in its early days.

The boot is quite big for this class, its shape is not very practical.

Front seats not very comfortable.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 5th July, 2005