1993 Citroen ZX Furio 1.8i


We paid 3 times the price of the Kadett, and got at least 5 times the car!


My significant other and I went for a test drive on a Sunday. We signed the receipt after the ride.

On Monday, we TRIED to take the car home, but the battery had ceased all sorts of functioning.

Dealer wanted to check every possible cause on Tuesday, and the car was ready for pickup at noon.

We were lent a somewhat derelict Toyota Corolla for the time (although not as derelict as our Kadett).

General Comments:

The inside looks dark and somewhat gloomy, but FEELS roomy instead.

The power assisted steering was somewhat of a concern for me, as the Kadett had nothing of the sort. But to my surprise, it just made handling easier. Somehow, I don't miss the road-response I got from the straight steering.

The top speed seems a mite low for a 1.8i engine (about 170 km/h) compared to the Kadett with its 1.3N (normal) engine, delivering just up to 170 on a good day.

Acceleration is another matter. Everything goes smooth in this car (except for the gear change).

I've read something about 3000 rpm. before any significant liveliness is felt, and I must agree. Good push, though.

Also good, because we have a removable trailer hitch fitted. We might need the dragging power.

The gear change is QUITE hard, when the box is cold. It doesn't take long, however, for it to warm up.

I'd say a mile or two, and the shift is smooth as melted butter.

And now for the handling...

This feels like a bl**** Race Car to a newbie like me (3rd year of motoring).

I've taken her through turns at speeds that would make the Kadett squeal or even slide a bit, but not a sound from this one.

I'm actually looking forward to the cold season, for some really slippery roads, so I can try her out for real!

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Review Date: 6th December, 2004

1994 Citroen ZX Avantage 1.8i


I love it!


Broken windshield due to stone (3000 DKR).

Right door can't be unlocked with the key.

General Comments:

My best car ever, and it easily competes with cars double the price! Cornering and breaking are exceptional. I miss power steering when parking.

The 1.8l engine is quick but a bit noisy. It is thirsty, both regarding fuel and oil, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Great comfort for 2 people. The rear seats have insufficient leg space for tall people on long trips to be comfortable.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2001

1st Nov 2005, 11:10

I posted the review. Now the car has gone 325.000 km.

Trouble since last:

I had the engine replaced. If I had heeded the engine fault light, this might have been avoided.

Rear brakes had difficult breaking evenly. Had to replace both break calipers, which was quite expensive.

Windshield cracked again, but isn't replaced.

Key got stuck in the lock of the left side door, and unfortunately both the lock and key broke.

Fan engine stopped working, because its controlling electronics broke. The cause was probably the Fan geting old and pulling too many amps. Hooked it up again with a home made switch.

Generator broke down, and was replaced. Probably related to the fan pulling too much current.

Wind shield wiper has gotten more noisy, but is still functional.

Rear wiper has died.


The car has served me well, and is still fun to ride. However it is old now, and I'm looking for a replacement. Probably one with better fuel economy.