1993 Fiat Cinquecento 0.9


Quick, fun and small


The thermostat has been replaced

The oil filter has been replaced

The air filter has been replaced

The brake caliper has been replaced

The brakes in front has been replaced

The cylinder head has been fixed

General Comments:

The marks I have given the car, are based on my expectations for the car and not based on comparison with the best car imaginable.

The car is very resistant toward corrosion and the Danish climate is not particular friendly toward metal and cars. So big thumbs up!

There are sadly not that much comfort, but hey... you cannot get it all to that insane low price!

The car are therefor mostly made for city driven and few longer trips.

The back seats can be pulled down, so the car transforms into a van, which gives a lot of room in the back for shopping and other things.

The safety is a city in Russia, because if you crash you probably die. As you will with most smaller cars.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st April, 2005