2004 Ford Transit 90 T330 2.5 diesel turbo




As soon as we drove the van home from the dealer after delivery, 3 months after ordering, we realized that the noise level inside the van was tremendous, ears ringing as we arrived home, a 20 mile journey.

The dealer agreed that it was to noisy and had the van for about 4 weeks trying to find the cause, but had to give up, and called in an expert from Ford Denmark, who decided after inspecting various parts of the engine, that the noise level was normal. Both dealer and Ford Denmark has now left us out in the cold and are not willing to spend more money and time trying to help us, driving the van is a punishment. We are always very reluctant to use it, what should have been a joy has now become nightmare.

General Comments:

Fuse missing in aux. heater electrical circuit. (Manufacturers quality control failed.)

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Review Date: 12th March, 2005