2008 Hyundai Getz CRDI 1.5 turbo diesel


A cheap, reliable, honest car



General Comments:

The car was bought as new as my only car. It goes from A to B with little fuss and in reasonable comfort.

The Getz is practical and has a roomy interior for a car that small.

The diesel engine is refined, has good power (88 bhp) and returns good real world fuel economy of up to 19 km/l depending on driving style.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2009

17th Jul 2009, 06:03

At 22.000 kms the tailgate had to be adjusted. It chewed on the C-pillar when the car had been in the sun for a long time. Must have been poorly aligned from the factory. Otherwise no faults so far.

18th Dec 2009, 04:15

All Getz models have problems with rattles and squeaking from rear part of the car. And many have other poor quality parts problems. But when this is fixed (preferably within the warranty period cause Hyundai is obviously aware of these quality issues), then the car should be trouble free.

Engines (the larger ones) are good, but thirsty. For example, my Getz 1.4 sips between 8-10 l/100 km, when my neighbour's Astra GTC 1,6 (115 HP) manages with 8.2 average. And the difference in ride and speed is HUGE.