1999 Kia Pride Deluxe 1.3


I'm keeping this one for a long time


Ignition failure after a visit to the car wash.

General Comments:

It's very fun to drive.

Handles well, despite the lack of power steering.

Suspension gets a bit wobbly at high speeds, and cabin noise is a bit of a bother.

Second gear is hard to hit, without the use of force.

Spacious interior (I'm 195cm and it fits me perfectly.)

Seats take some getting used to, though. Uncomfortable at first, but very nice once they get that "this-is-my-body-shape" molding :)

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2002

1st Oct 2002, 15:56

Ignition failure after a car wash.

Whats that all about?

4th Oct 2002, 18:55

Ignition failure after a car wash...

Well, it was ignition failure after a car wash. I ran the car through the automated car wash at my local gas station, and then it wouldn't start...

It might have something to do with the fuse for my amplifier, which is connected directly to the battery's plus terminal, thus "slightly" exposing the terminal to the water running through the engine compartment :)

Not really the car's fault, I know, but I had trouble finding something negative to say about the car :)