2002 Renault Clio DCI 80 BHP 1.5 diesel


The Economist's choice.


Brakes worn out.

Bearings in the front suspension replaced (under warranty)

Clutch replaced (under warranty) after app. 25.000kms.

Gear lever "cloth" replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

Very nice, comfortable and silent car. Compared to a 206 (I've had two of them..) it's a lot more quiet, especially on the motorway.

The diesel economy (I've forgotten the English word..) is quite impressive, returning 5l/100km in everyday driving. Interior quality is also superior to the 206's..

I would definitely go for a Renault again, the diesel being both refined and relatively fast.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2004

1991 Renault Clio RN 1.4


Great little car


I've had problems with the electrical connections on the starter engine. Twice!

That resulted in a lot of push-starts. No major problems otherwise.

General Comments:

It has been a nice ride on short and semi-long trips. I have not tried very long trips.

Seats would not be comfortable for long rides.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2002

1999 Renault Clio 2 Si 1.6


Not too bad


The gear shift in 2nd gear, did not work after 30000 kilometres, they changed the gear oil and now it works.

The electrical windows made a loud noise, they also got fixed.

The radio sometimes changes channel by itself, the dealer can not solve that problem.

The manifold sealer broke, also got fixed.

General Comments:

In general I had a lot of problems with the car.

The dealer always was nice and helped us, also after the warranty, so no complaints about them.

But in general I am a little disappointed with the car - too many problems especially the gear shift, it still ain't good but the warranty is finished, so now I have to pay.

If anyone else has experienced something similar, e-mail me, please: Dadi1@usa.net

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2000

14th May 2001, 16:53

You got to change the oil on cars, you know... Even more often when they are new, as small barbs of metal will inevitably get produced from the still sharp edges of gears, and float around in your gearing box, as sand in muddy waters, getting in the way...

Oil change is the first thing to take care of, on any vehicle, whichever type, make and model, if you don't want it to break.

30,000 km? You're a lucky man... First 2 oil changes should be done far before that... Consult your maintenance manual.

Just a friendly advice :-)

-- OHM.

(a Honda owner...

Nothing to do with Renault ;-)