SAAB 9000 Reviews from Denmark

1985 SAAB 9000 CD 2.0 16v turbo

Year of manufacture1985
First year of ownership2002
Most recent year of ownership2004
Engine and transmission 2.0 16v turbo Manual
Performance marks 7 / 10
Reliability marks 8 / 10
Comfort marks 8 / 10
Dealer Service marks 7 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 5 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
7.0 / 10
Distance when acquired200000 kilometres
Most recent distance250000 kilometres
Previous carToyota Camry


It is quite and experience


Basically the car is really reliable, but when a problem occurs spare parts is quite expensive. One of the problems is distributer, another is the clutch if you are street racing it might be a good idea to save up money approximately every one year. When it comes to rust it is really great, the only problem lies in the rear wing in both sides.

General Comments:

It is a turbo do I need to say more.

No seriously when the turbo kicks in it is no joke it means business, it is a explosive feeling comparing to other turbo cars with a more gently boost.

Taking in account how old the car is there is a really extensive electronic display.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2004

1989 SAAB 9000 Turbo 16 2.0

Year of manufacture1989
First year of ownership2001
Most recent year of ownership2002
Engine and transmission 2.0 Manual
Performance marks 8 / 10
Reliability marks 7 / 10
Comfort marks 9 / 10
Dealer Service marks 7 / 10
Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 3 / 10
Overall marks (average of all marks)
6.8 / 10
Distance when acquired226000 kilometres
Most recent distance240000 kilometres
Previous carCitroen AX


Good car, if it has been well maintained


ABS warning light flicker intermittently.

Heater core leaking. Suspect it was like that when I got the car.

Sunroof - tilt function doesn't always work.

Cracking noise from trip computer.

Heated rear window string fail.

General Comments:

Very good and comfortable leather seats.

Excellent driving position and dashboard.

Everything is well designed with a great attention to details.

Hatchback: open it after it has rained and water will pour into the luggage-compartment.

Very spacey cabin.

Very good performance from 2.0 turbo engine - excellent for long distance travel.

Pay attention to rust in the doors!

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Review Date: 10th June, 2002

19th May 2003, 02:12

Rust in the doors... true, that is a weak spot. I believe that later models 91 onwards have galvanised doors.

Average review marks: 6.9 / 10, based on 2 reviews