1967 Volvo 121 Amazon 1.8 R4 petrol


Great style and a economical, usable classic


For a nearly forty year old car.. not much.

The slave cylinder operating the clutch started leaking about 9000 kms ago. Was replaced: cost 150 USD.

The differential decided to call it a day about 8000 kms ago (a rare fault according to the garage). It was replaced with a used one: Cost incl labour: 900 USD.

General Comments:

Acc: 0-100 km/h around 21 Secs (Actually tested)

Maximum Speed: 148 km/h (VERY loud)

Fuel Consumption, Very thirsty. Octane 98 Leaded (Will do with 95) ; When not very careful 6 km/l. At constant 75 km/t 11 km/l. On a recent beer-fetching trip to Germany while maintaining a steady 90Km/h with 2 persons and 15 cases of beer, it averaged 11,5 Km7L.

Good brakes. Compensates for the lack of directional stabilty...

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

15th Jan 2006, 12:21

You need to get an engine tuneup. 0-100 in 21 seconds is a lot. The fuel consumption pretty much saids the same. Something is wrong.

It should be able to do 0-100 in 15 seconds.

My dads 121 does 13-14 km´s/litre at 100km/h.

(same engine as yours)