1996 Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 Tspark


Love my Bella


Well most things have gone wrong not because of the car so far, but here we go:

The first day I got the car the battery completely died, what a way to start huh? About 3 weeks ago I cracked the crank and it got quite expensive.

Also I've been getting problems with the AC, its randomly switching off and goes back on. The compressor stays on so I think the AC blower is not working properly, I will check that out. The AC doesn't cool enough on daytime (Dominican Republic is a very hot country by the way) and its alright at night.

When I bought it the sunroof wasn't working, gotta check that out.

General Comments:

Well its my first car and I absolutely love it. The performance is awesome for a 2.0 4 cylinder car, the running costs are high as any other Alfa, but its totally worth it.

It is true that the car isn't fast starting off, but once you engage 2nd gear and on, it can get seriously fast. ITS really really fun to drive, the handle feels great, the interior is amazing for a car this old, and the sound, WHAT AN ENGINE SOUND. It's a real head turner, I thought most people were bluffing about this since it isn't THAT spectacular, but yes, people will compliment this car several times on a daily basis.

If you are thinking of getting one I totally recommend you to (beware of the high prices of maintenance). I usually take mine to an Alfa specialist, it's a lot cheaper than taking it to the dealer.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2007

13th Sep 2015, 17:37

Which Alfa specialist do you take your car to?