1987 Honda Accord LXi 2.0


One of Honda's BEST if you keep an eye on maintenance


After 9 year park in my mother-in-law's garage, I had to fix:

- New gas tank, fuel pump, battery, oil, coolant and filters for initial start up (at 192,316).

- Rebuilt transmission (at 192,518).

- Fixed alternator (at 192,518).

- Replaced water pump (twice, at 193,049 and 202,132, kept getting blocked and broken for rust).

- Replaced exit pipe (at 207,580).

- Replaced water intake (at 207,580).

- Fix radiator (at 192,469 and 194,000).

- All engine supports (at 202,827).

- All engine seals and gasket (at 202,827).

- Crankshaft plain bearing (two of these were already in the oil crank, I couldn't believe my good luck).

- Replaced hydraulic pump (at 197,941).

- Fixed front axle (at 202,827).

- A/C evaporator broken (since the beginning, not fixed yet).

- Radio not working (speakers are working).

- Sun roof not working.

General Comments:

This car belong to my mother-in-law. After long talks, she decide to fix the car and restart driving it again, commissioning me to fix it and do the maintenance.

It spent 9 years in her garage without using it. Not even for periodical turn on and warming up. The engine turned on at the first try, not without replacing all the fuel lines, tank and pump; and draining and changing all filters and liquids.

The biggest problem was the cooling system, which kept blocking from all the rust, as well as the transmission. Besides that, all in perfect condition (well, for the time), with rust starting to appear on the roof.

It has cost money to bring back to life, but keeps working in great shape. Still get 19.1 miles/gallon combined, and doesn't smoke, and is as fast and comfortable as many brand new cars.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2012