1996 Kia Sportage


The worst all-time SUV


I have replaced everything or almost in this vehicle. I've had engine trouble and had to pay 630$ US while waiting three weeks for the car cause the dealer didn't have the replacement parts in stock.

Replaced the clutch, brakes, battery.

Electric windows are slow.

Smoke came out when I tried to fix the position of my outside mirrors.

No acceleration at all.

Smoke of all colors except red and blue come out of the pipe.

Makes so much noise while driving that alarms from other cars go off.

There's a lot of noise inside the car and nobody knows why.

Had to replace the thermostat.

Odometer went dead.

One of my fog lights only works when it feels like it and the dealer worked on it twice already.

All the lights inside the cabin went dead after someone closed the door with force, and not all of them came back.

Car can't take in the gas as it should, everybody is giving me a different story.

General Comments:

This is no doubt the worst SUV ever made. If you see KIA written somewhere, run for your life and I mean for real.

Performance gets worse and worse every 6 months.

Desperate to find some ignorant willing to buy it from me and I'm prepared to lose money over it.

Can't take this car to the dealer anymore, the expense is just not worth it.

There is no excuse for making a car of such low quality. If you have never bought a KIA, don't or you'll regret it, this I guarantee.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 6th June, 2002

11th Dec 2005, 18:15

If you knew how to treat the car, you would not have any problem at all! Next time when you want to purchase any car, ask someone who can teach you, what to do with it.