2002 Skoda Octavia SLX 1.9 TDI


Reliable and quick!


Only some "serpentine" something (I dunno the name) got clogged and did not let the transmission fluid to get the proper cooling, and therefore it couldn't pass from first gear one day because it was un "safe" mode. They unclogged it and never happened again.

General Comments:

I owned a 1999 Ford Explorer, which is way roomier and much more comfortable. The problem was fuel economy. I had an LPG system on it, but I was scared of having an LPG tank on the bottom of the truck. I know that it was safe, but I sold the darn thing.

I was about to buy a new Nissan X-trail, but when I got the credit approved I gave it tons of thoughts and rejected the loan! Best of all is that I bought the car with the same money I got for my Explorer so I don't owe anyone NOTHING!

Started looking for a couple of Skoda TDi's and the minute I drove one I fell in love with them! They are comfortable, fast (for a diesel), and I get approx. 50km/gal in daily bumper to bumper creeping through traffic!

The one I bought is the SLX Elegance with leather, climatronic, auto., sunroof, cd changer, etc.

The other day I was on a highway going @ 130km/h and stepped hard on the gas and the car was in 190km/h in NO TIME! Unbelievable for a freakin' diesel!!! I was amazed that the car did not shake at all and it still wanted to go faster!!!??? How come??? I know that the last owner did not put in any performance parts or anything like that, but how come a diesel be this agile???

So far, I am amazed with the stability of european cars and will keep this car for about one year, and probably buy a new Octavia A5 TDI.

Hope everything works out just fine...

I recommend this car!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2007

2001 Skoda Octavia Ambiente 1.9 TDI


You better prepare for a love-hate relationship with this car!


Many things has gone wrong over these 6 years:

First the transmission broke down leaving me stranded. Had to town it to the dealer. Was out of warranty by then and the bill was HUGE. They decided it was a computer fault (seems like the transmission has it's own dedicated computer) and charged me a small fortune for the labor. The computer itself wasn't that expensive, but they have to change most of the cabling. They also rebuilt the transmission valves set that was damaged (supposedly) by the computer fault. The car spent almost 2 weeks in the shop.

About 1 year later the transmission broke down again. This time the replaced the whole transmission and the bill was REALLY HUGE. On the bright side the gas millage (680 Kilometers per fuel tank in the city) and acceleration jumped ahead like when it was new.

Besides the transmission:

The front bumper had a slow tendency to hang lower and lower until it became troublesome with the curbs. Was easy and inexpensive to fix on the dealer and they confirmed, off the record, that it was a common problem on that make year.

Rubber supports for the engine broke, causing a very disturbing sound when driving at low revs.

Electric motor for the left rear window broke down, leaving the window down. Replaced out of warranty.

One of the cooling system fans stopped working without a warning or alert on the dash. As long as you were running with the AC on everything was fine. Got caught in a traffic ham? Better start praying because oil temperature started to sky rocket, to the point of the on-board computer ordering you to STOP THE ENGINE at once!

Recently replaced the door gaskets on both doors at the driver side. Rain water was entering the cabin.

The AC started spitting foam pieces trough the vents. Did a AC cleaning at the dealer and they found nothing out of place. 6 months later the AC started misbehaving, the compressor had to be replaced, again an expensive repair.

General Comments:

Got the car brand new and was love at first sight. Gas mileage was a blessing, likewise handling, acceleration and looks.

Interior space is a successful exercise of good design and you wouldn't believe the things that I have managed to fit inside the trunk (here is a clue: a machine you you do your laundry in, and a machine you keep your food in). People never can believe how big the trunk is, especially since it looks so small from the outside.

The controls are easy to use and very well laid out, with a solid German Engineering feel to it, just don't expect ultimate luxury.

UNFORTUNATELY, the car is a clear Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde case. The cabin loves you, but the engine hates your guts and your wallet.

The fuel economy savings you are supposed the have (and the reason why the diesel versionĀ“s tag price is higher than the gasoline version -at least on the local market) are totally consumed on mechanic bills and owner frustration. Maybe I got a VERY BAD sample.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

27th Mar 2008, 06:52

I bought one (2001) second hand (in 2007) with 145000km and had a similar experience as you are describing. Considering I live in the Czech Republic where the car is made I should be a little more patriotic, but no way, no more Skoda for me.

I agree with what you wrote about the low fuel consumption not making up for the time it spends in the shop for repairs. I had the car for 6 months and out of that, 1 month it was sitting waiting to be sold and 4 weeks (added up) it was in the shop for repairs. I went back to a Honda which is 4 years older than the Octavia but without a single problem.


28th Sep 2008, 08:58

I bought a Octavia Elegance 1.9tdi new in 2001. It came with full leather interior Electric sunroof Cruse control rain sensitive wipers climate control traction control rear wiper.

Only problems I found were the shocks were too weak and the car bottomed out on back roads replaced with Koni adjustables problem solved.

The rear wiper comes on when it is in the off position; not solved yet as this has only happened lately.

Fuel economy is about 450 to 500 miles per tank full.

I change my oil and oil filter every 3000 miles and air, fuel and pollen filter every 10000 miles, and so far I have had trouble free driving.

I have no intentions of changing my car for at least another 5 years, or longer if it is still in excellent running order.