2002 BMW 5 Series 525 2.5


A car for those who love to drive


The electronics need some attention. Every two weeks or so I need to replace a burnt bulb, headlight, taillight, number plate light. Maybe I should buy more expensive bulbs, but Bavaria once charged me 240 L.E. for a fog-light bulb!! Now I only pay 30 L.E. at random spare part dealers. By the way I also replaced Bavaria's 240 L.E. bulb.

The steering box needs to be replaced. I understand this a problem with this model.

There is a slight slip in the transmission in normal mode.

Changed the AC cut-out thing at 69000 km.

Changed the AC fan at 70000 km.

Changed the camshaft sensor at 75000 for optimum acceleration.

General Comments:

I have owned used BMW,s since I started driving. I started with the E21 (1979 318), then moved onto the E30 (1988 318), and last but not least the E39 (2002 525). For bimmer lovers this is the car to drive. I pretty much out-run anything on the road. Acceleration is unbelievalble. Of-course I need not to mention BMW's stability. The thing with this car is it is huge. So I did not think it would be as quick and agile as it's smaller siblings. I was never more wrong! The car transforms depending on your style of driving. If I am taking my family out for a long drive, the spacious cabin, the natural leather seats and multi-function steering wheel make feel as if I were in my own living-room. If I am alone, maybe driving home from work and needing a little adrenaline rush the car magically turns into a mini cooper! Definitely the Ultimate Driving Machine!!

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2008