2005 Citroen C2 LX 1.1


She's my beauty devilish jumpy car, yet, with some problems! Nothing is perfect, you know!


It started to appear that this car is not as strong as it seems on my first week driving it. How silent and stable it was when I was driving out of the garage, and how noisy and jumpy it turned in a week!

However, I called it "My little jumpy car" and I started to enjoy that, and in no time, faults started to appear one by one.

First, the passenger's seat, it started to make weird noises, then, the rear left wall, then the driver's window, and finally everything else starting to make a symphony.

I ignored all of that, and moved on, the computer started making faults, like..

Windows were deactivated whenever the car doors are opened!

Hazard lights doesn't activate automatically anymore when I suddenly stop.

Oil check always gives me the healthy reading.

Clock started fading away with some LEDs off, it's no longer readable.

The box below the CD player always jumps out on bumpy roads.

The side bars on the doors have to be checked every time after a car wash, or I'd lose one (Which has happened and I still didn't find one available at the dealer here)

It's weirdly bending, the material of the exterior body, whenever I press it with my thumb! "Are you sure this car's made of METAL?"

Fog lights ALWAYS burn out in a week or two, which is forcing me not to use the fog lights EXCEPT in case of fogs, so as to save the lamps (Also, I always have two emergency lamps in my boot)

Jumping Jumping Jumping, when I ride on the high way, it feels like I'm riding a horse.

Fuel lights fails a lot to give the right reading, but I can understand it somehow.


The last time I went to make my 60,000kms check up, I told them about the computer errors, they only made it worse, not that they have solved anything from what I've told them? No.. They only added another new error, which is.. The car always acts as if the doors are not locked! So whenever I push the lock button, the lights turns on and off and it keeps beeping! So, now I have to have an unsafe ride with my doors unlocked!

The saloon light no longer turns off when I lock the car with the remote. It's either I'd turn it off manually, or wait for the economy mode to activate.

But you know what? This car has a weird charm that it can convince you to stay with her even if she has all of these faults.

General Comments:

It's seriously quick, yes. She accelerates fast, although, it's only a 1.1 engine.

Very compact and small, I am not worrying about parking, and I feel like walking in the street while driving, not really a big car that I'd worry where it begins and where it ends.

I love my dashboard, accurate, simple and gives me the feeling of a toy that I used to own when I was younger.

Almost two years that I have been driving this car, and I still look at her exactly the same way when I took her out of that garage.. The design never gets old for me (although, I bought her in a color that I didn't like!)

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Review Date: 13th September, 2006

14th Sep 2006, 06:29

"Fog lights ALWAYS burn out in a week or two, which is forcing me not to use the fog lights EXCEPT in case of fogs".

You shouldn't be using your fog lights when it's not foggy anyway. Not only is it illegal, but is also very annoying for drivers coming the other way who are temporarily blinded by them.

1st Dec 2006, 03:49

The car sounds like a piece of trash.