1981 Fiat 127 Top 1.05 petrol


A fast economic City car


Clutch wire was cut at 138500.

CV joint at 143000.

Hock absorber at 150000.

Exhaust at 150000.

Some minor consumable parts (spark plugs, filters, belts...etc)

Interior needs a lot of repair.

General Comments:

Economic car with good performance as a city car. Spare parts are easy to be found and relatively cheap (but not long lasting). Within its class it is a fast car. Engine is the best thing in the car. It give enough power to accelerate very well. Handling is excellent (cannot imagine power steering can be better than that). Although it can reach very high speeds (more than 120 Km per Hr), but at such high speed the car become unstable. Even the wind can make the car flow. The worst thing about it is the suspension. I live in a suburban, where the roods are of poor quality. Driving in such kind of roads give the feeling that the wheels are about to break off the car. Regular maintenance is the key to keep the car reliable. Boot is huge. Seats are not very comfortable. Petrol consumption is 11.3 Km/L in city and 13.5 Km/L in highways. Very good starter choice.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 6th April, 2006