2003 Jeep Liberty 2.5


Pretty good car, but lacks primary options


The part time lamp is always on, knowing that I wasn't using the four wheel drive, lots of electricity problems.

The handbrake gets stuck.

Bad stability in curves.

Lacks lots of options.

General Comments:

The engine power is not what I expected at all. I had a 2.5 1993 Jeep before owning the Liberty, and my old Jeep had a much powerful engine (don`t know why, both are 2.5).

It also had lots of options, while this Liberty is really poor from the inside. My old Jeep had electronic windows, mirrors on the sun blocker on both the driver and passenger sides with light. I really wonder why this Liberty doesn't have any of these comfortable options, they should be standardized.

Other than that, the car is really good. It`s a bit pricey, but it`s a very reliable car.

It also has a very good air conditioner.

The seats are comfortable.

There`s lots of space in the cargo.

Good exterior design.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 5th November, 2008