1994 Lada 2105 1.2 petrol


Although mine is considered to be clean, a Lada is one of the worst cars in the world


My father used to own this car. He bought it new in 1994 and gave it to me in 2011.

The car is very well maintained, but has lots of discomforts.

First thing is there is only a manual 4 speed gear box; that is the reason for a very high engine sound while running fast.

No power steering.

Engine temperature is not stable; sometimes it goes high, and other times it is pretty good.

The maximum speed I drove in that Lada was 140 km/h. The car will not accelerate more, even if you stood on the accelerator.

I don't advise anyone to get a Lada. It's not easy to drive and it's not reliable.

There is no A/C.

The clutch breaks out easily, and don't ever forget, there's no power steering and it's only a 4 speed gear box.

If you can buy any other thing for its price, just go ahead.

General Comments:

This car is generally unreliable. Can't be used as a traveling car or a big city car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 26th July, 2013