2007 Proton Gen-2 GLX 1.6 campro


It's very reliable and powerful

General Comments:

This car is beautifully shaped and very handsome.

The engine is very powerful at high Rpms (above 3000)

The engine is quite normal under 3000 Rpms and saves petrol.

The equipments are very handy with high quality.

The interior of the Gen-2 is not bad but not the best.

The handling is very good, and it is very stable on the road at high speeds even if you are taking turning in a bend at high speed.

Very good price for a very good car.


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Review Date: 21st May, 2008

2007 Proton Gen-2 GSX 1.6


Exceptional car


Actually the car is still very new, so nothing has gone wrong with my car.. Thank God!

General Comments:

When I first collected my car from the dealer.. the gear shift knob was pretty stiff, but it is smooth now and fits in my hand (very slick)...

The car is very quiet to an extent that I didn't recognize the difference when I hit the gas until I looked at the rpm gauge. But maybe this is because it is still brand new.

The parking sensors work quite well, but if you have your radio turned on, it will be a little difficult for you to differentiate the sensor beeps...

This car has a load of potential to be a super car, and I read reviews of people nagging about the poor quality. Well I did not find it so poor as everyone and every review has said about it... Actually it is quite stylish and among its competitors; I think it is superb.

The equipment level of this car is amazing, I mean to buy a car with:

1. Parking sensors.

2. Sunglass storage area.

3. Cupholder.

4. Very powerful A/C.

5. Power steering.

6. 4 electric powered windows.

7. Airbags.

8. ABS.

9. EBD (electronic brake distribution).

10. Built in radio/CD player.

11. Lotus engineered engine 1600cc, 110bhp.

12. 15" alloy wheels (new version 2007).

13. Very spacious boot and saloon, although it is considered as a 5 door hatch.

14. 4 speaker sound system.

15. Front and rear fog lights.

You will have to pay a lot for all these gadgets and sporty looking features, but in the Gen-2 you need not spend a lot.

The handling on open roads is very very very smooth and tight.. you never feel the car roaming around uncontrollably, and this is special thanks to the Lotus design and performance tuning of this car.

Be careful when you're riding in one of these Gen-2s, because due to its stability you will find yourself at a high speed without even knowing, unless you look at your speed dials, which are very sporty looking by the way.

In the end, I would just like to say do not hesitate to buy this car if you're on a tight budget and want all the luxuries in other higher priced cars like Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyotas and Nissans..

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Review Date: 25th July, 2007

23rd Jan 2008, 21:02

I bought this car 8 months ago - April 2007. I was so proud of it, but now I feel like I'm driving a broken car. It sounds everywhere from inside, doors, suspension, gear (when you are at high speed), brakes!!! I don't know what else is remaining. I am really fed up with this car.

3rd Jul 2008, 05:39

I have a two and a half year old Gen-2 and I fully agree with the comment made in January 2008. My low mileage car sounds like EVERYTHING is going to fall apart soon. In addition to what was mentioned, mine has clonking suspension and loud steering (strut?) thuds. The only thing that is (too) quiet is the turn indicator ticking sound. Car refinement is something that is very hard to engineer into an existing product, and I would be very surprised if the current Gen 2 has made leaps in refinement from my sample. Serious suggestion to original reviewer; maybe you should check for progressive hearing loss?