2010 Renault Logan Expression 1.6 8 valve




Some original spare parts could be expensive.

General Comments:

I bought my Logan in 2010 and the car's mileage has exceeded 94000 KM. Based on my experience, I will discuss some issues in more detail:

1. Reliability:

Logan is a great car in terms of reliability. The only spare parts I have changed were the front shock absorbers. However, it should be noted that Egyptian roads are of inferior quality.

I have changed the brake pads at 85000 KM, which is a great record.

At 90000 KM, I noticed that I need to change one console lamp. The one which lights the A/C button. Besides, the driver's door joint needs to be lubricated to avoid noises when opening/closing a door.

I don't think these are major faults at this mileage level.

I advise drivers to continuously visit dealer service units to replace parts at the due time.

2. Performance:

My Logan's engine is 1.6 petrol 8 valve 90 HP. Well, the car runs smoothly. However, if you compare it to other 1.6 engine cars, the Logan would be placed in an average rank. Some economical 1.6 cars could be faster such as the Hyundai Verna 1.6. However, the Logan could be faster than a Chevrolet Lanos and Aveo.

The car is stable when driving at high speeds, whether on straight roads or curvy roads.

3. Running costs:

If you buy original spare parts from Renault official dealers, they could be moderately expensive in comparison to Chinese or some Korean cars. However, non-official dealers in Egypt provide good alternatives with reasonably good prices.

The best fuel consumption I've ever recorded was 320KM per gallon of petrol.

4. The options:

The Logan Expression provides better options than many other competitors at this level, such as the Chevrolet Lanos, Hyundai Verna and others.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2013

29th May 2014, 06:54

Your fuel consumption record seems suspicious to me. A gallon is 3.7 liters, you are talking about 320Km/3,7 liter? That makes it almost 1.5 l/100km, which is not realistic.

I think you mean /20 liters, right?

3rd Jul 2014, 12:17

I think yes we in Egypt use the word safeeha in Arabic as gallon, which is 20 liters :)

20th Nov 2014, 04:40

After more than 140000 KM on silly Egyptian roads, I can firmly say that the Logan 2010 is a legend!

The car still runs smoothly and I still achieve the 16 KM per litre of oil till now.

However, the key to continuation is quality maintenance. My advice is to follow maintenance instructions regardless of costs!

28th Apr 2015, 03:09

My 2009 model Renault Logan has 240 000 km on the clock. It is a very good car. Unfortunately I can't say the same about the Renault dealerships here in South Africa.

27th Feb 2016, 18:09

By now I've passed 181000 KM with my Logan 2010. The car is OK, but I've changed one shock absorber and the front brake disks.

A fellow driver told me at this mileage it is fine to have such changes. To be honest, I find it difficult to get a brand new car of equal qualifications!